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Experience the magic of Svalbard
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Svalbard Archipelago

Experience the magic of a holiday on the Svalbard Archipelago where the iconic polar bear roams free across the tundra. A visit to Svalbard is about nature, scenery and the outdoors. More polar bears live on Svalbard than humans and strict rules are in place to protect their lifestyles and habitat. 

Due to the northerly latitude of Svalbard, it is often used as a barometer for global warming as glaciers and sea ice slowly retreat. 60% of Svalbard is currently covered by glaciation so even during the long summer days, under the midnight sun, snow and ice impact on daily life. Welcome to the Arctic - next stop is the North Pole!

For centuries whaling was the main reason for human life on Svalbard as whales were almost hunted to extinction. Today, whales are once again a common sight and the main industries, although on a relatively small scale, are mining, research and tourism. 

Pick up the phone and speak to someone with personal experience of your holiday on Svalbard. Book now by calling us on +44(0)1427 700115. Alternatively fill in this form providing as much information as possible about your holiday.

Svalbard Archipelago

Svalbard - The Midnight Sun

Experience the magic of the midnight sun on the Svalbard archipelago and the world's northern most town of Longyearbyen.
Duration: 6 Days
Seasons: Summer (Jun-Aug)
Price: £1355
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Svalbard Archipelago - Winter

Visit the Svalbard archipelago during the winter months for experiences such as the northern lights, polar bears and polar nights.
Duration: 6 Days
Seasons: Spring (Apr-Jun), Winter (Dec to Mar)
Price: £1395
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