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Winter Information

Here are some simple facts and useful bits of information for your holiday in Scandinavia with Simply Sweden.

Time zone
Sweden, Norway and Denmark are all 1hr ahead of the UK and change in sync with the UK.

Sweden, Norway and Denmark are not part of the European euro and instead all have their own respective Krona or Kroner. International credit and debit cards are widely accepted so only a small amount of currency is required. You will be asked either for a PIN or some form of identification when paying by card.

Cars drive on the right-hand side of the road and many of the same rules of the road apply with ‘zebra crossings’ being very common. Roads are wide and empty (compared to the UK!). Accidents with wildlife, such as moose, are rare but warning signs should be taken seriously. Drink driving rules are extremely strict and you may be subject to random tests. Many petrol stations are automated and you will need an international credit / debit card with a PIN number to use them.

Sweden, Norway and Denmark all accept the standard European 2 pin adapter (type C).

Public Transport
This is usually efficient, comfortable and reliable, with busses, trains and ferries designed to integrate with each other’s timetables. When you are travelling to more remote areas where connections are necessary, in the unfortunate event your transport is delayed, you are likely to find your connecting transport will still be waiting for you when you arrive at your intermediate station.

Winter Clothing
Dressing correctly in this environment is extremely important for you to be able to fully enjoy your holiday. Warm outer clothing maybe included in your holiday so please check. Sunglasses are advisable from mid-February.

First layer
It should be designed to take moisture away from the body and be made of synthetic material or wool (not cotton). There are some excellent products on the market. Woollen socks provide great protection for the feet.

Middle layer(s)
A single layer or several thin layers. Each layer should fit over the next one without restricting movement. Fleeces, wool and other insulating material work well. If you get too warm you can always take a layer off.

Outer layer
Often provided during your holiday. This should be wind and waterproof. This will be the thickest layer. Jacket with hood, snow trousers and mittens / gloves, hat and scarf. During overnight tours you will be provided with hat, snowmobile suit, mittens and boots.

Driving Snowmobiles
You must be in possession of a driving licence that is valid in Sweden or Norway. All full UK driving licences are valid. Do not drink and drive. It is extremely important to pay attention during the safety briefing.

Luggage on overnight tours
Any luggage which you bring that is not necessary on the tour will be securely stored for you. Only essential articles will be taken in order to avoid unnecessary weight. Please pack a small rucksack / night bag.

Husky Tours
These are hands-on back to basics tours and you often get up close and personal with the huskies. On overnight tours you will be involved in the harnessing, feeding and taking care of your team of huskies. When driving a good sense of balance and general fitness is required.

The Sami People
The indigenous reindeer herders of Lapland and traditionally nomadic, with a rich culture and interesting history. There are no ‘wild’ reindeers in the north, they are all owned by the Sami.

There are likely to be some excellent photo opportunities. Cold temperatures reduce battery life so take a spare one. For northern lights photography you will need a camera with a manual mode and a tripod.

Toiletries on overnight tours
There are saunas at many of the overnight stops; therefore you should pack some toiletry articles. Before taking part in an outdoor activity we advise you not to wash your face or shave. The natural oils within the skin act as good protection against the elements. Do not use any water based creams or moisturisers before the tour.

As part of our terms and conditions you must ensure you have holiday insurance to cover ALL elements of your holiday, including your activities. Your European Health Insurance Card will cover local healthcare costs (as an EU citizen). Please carry it at all times.