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We bring you the very best travel opportunities in Sweden from the experts with the local knowledge. We have travelled extensively throughout Sweden and want to share our experiences with you.

Touring & FlyDrive Holidays SWEDEN

There is no better way to fully explore Sweden than by car or train.

Excellent road networks and limited traffic makes motoring in Sweden a pleasure. It allows you almost unrestricted access to the most remote destinations, and enables you to enjoy some of the most natural scenery in peaceful and undisturbed countryside.

Traveling by train gives you the opportunity to admire the amazing natural beauty of this unspoiled country, as you pass through enormous forests and alongside beautiful lakes.

We have hand picked some of the best hotels around the country, so you can enjoy excellent food and wine in idyllic surroundings.

We have designed these tours to give you as much access to Sweden as possible. We put you in ultimate control of your holiday. We have given you some suggestions and we are here to offer our expert advice. You decide whether you want to shorten or lengthen your stay and you decide when and where you want to stay. Our staff are here to offer their expert advice.

Göta Kanal (Cruise)
Göta Kanal cruise - Gota Canal cruise
A peaceful picturesque cruise through the Swedish countryside between Stockholm and Gothenburg, across 8 lakes, through 66 locks and along 3 canals!
3 cities + 2 (Rail Holiday)
Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö by train
Stockholm, Gothenburg & Malmö by train in an unforgettable, diverse and educational tour across Sweden. Uppsala & Copenhagen are also nearby.
Character of Sweden (Fly Drive)
Visit 'mini' Sweden & the beautiful county of Dalarna. Traditional wooden houses, history & culture.
West Sweden (Fly Drive)
Several fly drive holidays in one of Swedens most beautiful landscapes.
Country Houses (Fly Drive)
West Sweden Holidays
Drive into the long history of Sweden. Coastal and lakeside hospitality as the sun lingers on the evening horizon during long summer days.
Scandinavia Capitals (Rail Holiday)
Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen are the capitals of Norway, Sweden and Denmark respectively. A truly Scandinavian holiday.
Inland Railway - Inlandsbanan (Rail Holiday)
Sweden by train
A 8 day scenic, cultural and exciting rail journey along the back bone of Sweden, starting with Stockholm and culminating in Lapland and the midnight sun.
Touring Holidays in Norway
Tour the Norwegian Fjords with the Scandinavian travel experts - Simply Sweden!



Touring Holidays - Sweden

Göta Kanal
A peaceful & picturesque cruise between Gothenburg & Stockholm
3 Cities + 2
See Sweden's 3 largest cities by train
Sweden by trainInland Railway
Scenic, cultural & exciting rail journey along the back bone of Sweden
Character of Sweden
Mini Sweden - The beautiful county of Dalarna
West Sweden
Explore the stunning West Coast of Sweden
Country Houses
Coastal and lakeside hospitality as the sun lingers on the evening horizon
Scandinavia Capitals
Oslo, Stockholm & Copenhagen in a true Scandinavian holiday
Norway Touring Holidays
Norway has excellent touring holidays too!


Göta Kanal
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