Timber Rafting

A unique holiday taking you on an adventure on nature's terms. We bring you the opportunity to fulfil your childhood dreams and live just like Tom Sawyer. Enjoy the thrill and revel in the satisfaction of building your own floating transport and accommodation before drifting through forests and small villages.
Timber Rafting - click for more photos! Timber Rafting - click for more photos! Timber Rafting - click for more photos! Timber Rafting - click for more photos!
Spend 4 nights (approx 30 miles) or 7 nights (approx 60 miles) rafting along Sweden’s longest river where logging was a major part of local life. In 1991 the last logs drifted along the river, as trains and lorries began to take the strain. Since this time the tradition has continued in the form of timber rafts and now you have the opportunity to see some of Sweden’s very best unspoilt nature. A waterproof camera is good to have as you may see wild animals including elk, roe deer, badgers and beavers.

Picturesque towns and villages line the river so you can  moor up and explore these fascinating old churches, abandoned cabins and local craft shops, all of which have a story to tell!

You will be provided with all the equipment required to build your raft, life jacket, kitchen equipment, food, sleeping bag, mattress and a tent. You will be given expert guidance and tuition in the safe construction of your timber raft, which will weigh nearly 2 tonnes upon completion!

Day 1

Fly into Stockholm, collect your hire car and stay at Sundbyholms Slott (Castle), on the shores of Lake Mälaren. Local attractions include an award winning harbour, glass blowing, wood fired saunas, riding and Europes most northern beech forest.

Day 2
After arrival in Gunnerud for 5pm you receive your introduction and safety briefing for your adventure and the next few days enjoying the tranquil, idyllic scenery of Värmland. You will be provided with a tent (4 person), mattress, sleeping bag and provisions.

Day 3
You are taken to your chosen departure point where you build your raft under the expert guidance of your instructors. You will be provided with a map and receive instructions on how to steer your raft along the Klarälven avoiding sandbanks and other obstacles. Renting a canoe makes coming back to land just that little bit easier! All aboard, off we go! Enjoy the pristine countryside, sit back, relax, swim or try to catch your evening meal with some fishing (licence can be purchased prior to departure).

Day 4 onwards
The Klarälven flows at approx. 2km per hour, which allows for plenty of time to explore the small villages that line your route and buy provisions such as milk and bread. You will be able to keep track of time and distance with the map provided so you know how far you need to travel each day. Each night you choose your own spot to moor up. You may choose to sleep on the raft or pitch the tent on the shores.

Arrival in Gunnerud
Arrive in Gunnerud by 5pm where you dismantle your raft and depart with life long memories of this adventure in nature’s playground.  Drive to Sundbyholms Slott where you can enjoy the luxury of your hotel room, a shower, a sauna and let someone else do the cooking!

Rafting information (pdf file 180kb)

4 night rafting adventure
Price from £895 per adult based on 4 adults
Price from £3085 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children
Price also includes hire car and 2 nights B&B at Sundabyholms Slott. Total 6 nights.

7 night rafting adventure
Price from £995 per adult based on 4 adults
Price from £3425 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children
Price also includes hire car and 2 nights B&B at Sundabyholms Slott. Total 9 night


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