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We bring you the very best travel opportunities in Sweden from the experts with the local knowledge. We have travelled extensively throughout Sweden and want to share our experiences with you.

Oslo Holidays

Look no further as we make travelling to Oslo and Scandinavia simple.

Many of our holidays, certainly travelling to Northern Norway, pass through Oslo so you may wish to have a night or 2 in Oslo on your way to or from the Arctic Circle.

Oslo is a city worth visiting at anytime of year. Our recommendations are during the long summer months, in December for a touch of Christmas shopping and January through to March for a winter warmer on your way to / from the far north!

You will find Oslo is a hive of activity, full of culture with a rich history. Shopping, sightseeing, famous artists (Edvard Munch and The Scream) - how will you fit it all in?

Scandinavia Capitals
Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen are the capitals of Norway, Sweden and Denmark respectively. A truly Scandinavian holiday.
Across The Roof Of Norway
Göta Kanal cruise - Gota Canal cruise
Take the train between Oslo and Bergen and across Europe's largest mountain plateau at 100sq km.
Northern Lights Holidays - Norway
A great selection of Northern Lights holiday across Northern Norway including a cruise, Tromso and the Lofoten Islands.


Oslo Info

Oslo Hotels
Our recommended hotels in Oslo

Oslo Holidays

Scandinavian Capitals
Oslo, Stockholm & Copenhagen in a true Scandinavian holiday
Across the Roof of Norway
A beautiful train over mountains betwee Oslo & Bergen
Northern Lights - Norway
Many of our holidays in Northern Norway can include Oslo


Göta Kanal
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