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small & personal - northern norway

Visit some of the most incredible places in Northern Norway with colourful ribbons of Northern Lights above your head! Kongsfjord Guest House and Sollia Guest House are in remote parts of Northern Norway and offer small scale genuine activities in beautiful locations.

We have visited Kongsfjord and Sollia and we want to share our experiences with you. These are delightful, small & personal locations, giving you a genuine insight into life in Northern Norway.

The highlights of this holiday
These include going around the North Cape on the Hurtigruten Coastal Steamer, the emotional and personal touch at Kongsfjord Guest House, the husky sledging and food at Sollia Guest House, the plane between Kongsfjord and Kirkenes and as a bonus you are  under the Northern Lights activity band.

Northern Lights - Facts

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Day 1
Arrive in the capital of North Norway & the picturesque city of Tromso.

Clarion Collection Hotel With - Tromso

Clarion Collection Hotel With is located on the quay side in the centre of Tromso and just 70meters from the airport transfer bus. Around 50% of the rooms have views across the harbour and of the mountains. As a Clarion Collection Hotel there are afternoon waffles and a simple evening buffet included during your stay. One of the most popular hotels in Tromso.

Depending on your arrival time in Tromso there may be enough time for an evening activity.

Day 2
Wake up in the heart of Tromso to a hearty breakfast and snow covered views of Northern Norway. Choose whether to have a day at leisure, or head off on a day time adventure before your evening departure for Kongsfjord.

Your Hurtigruten ship departs from the centre of Tromso at 6.30pm. Check in to your cabin on the ship.

Day 3
You pass the North Cape, the most northerly point of continental Europe in the morning. There is an optional excursion to the North Cape. Sit back and relax - admire the stunning arctic scenery. You arrive in Berlevåg at 10.30pm and there is 30min transfer to Kongsfjord Guest House.

Day 4
KongsFjord Guest House (Full Board)

Wake up in the stunning surroundings of Kongsfjord and the Veines Peninsular. This is one of the hidden gems in Northern Norway, offering sheer wilderness, sheer beauty and sheer emotion when you see how the locals earn a crust, live and survive in such a beautiful yet hostile part of the world. You have to like nature, like being outdoors and not be afraid of the weather to enjoy Northern Norway. Nothing is predictable except the unpredictability of the weather!

Kongsfjord is a family run guest house and Åse is your host. She was born and grew up in the houses that are now part of Kongsfjord Guest House. All the rooms are en suite or have a private shower / WC. There is a part of Åse in the guest house as she has carefully renovated and put her heart and soul into each house. Her partner, Tryggen, is the chef and an expert in local traditional food. You will be surprised by the international community that has settled in Kongsfjord, but you will soon understand why.

Come and stand on the edge of the world with Simply Sweden in Kongsfjord.

Relax and enjoy! Take a snow shoe walk to the edge of the world and look out across the ocean. Dive or snorkel in Kongsfjord with an abundance of sea life. Try copper etching with your talented teacher Claudia - the prints are framed with old wood from the guest house and her talents are displayed at the guest house.

Day 5
Spend a lazy morning, or participate in activity, before your afternoon flight to Kirkenes. The local flights are treated like a 'bus service' by the locals and form an essential communication link to Kirkenes & beyond. This is part of everyday life in the North.

You arrive in the afternoon at the cosy Sollia Guest House, just outside Kirkenes. The river you see forms the border with Russia and the crossing point is just 800m away. There is a very special relationship between the people of Kirkenes and the Russians, as the Russians came to save them during WWII. Find out more locally – it is fascinating.

Sollia Guest House - Kirkenes
(Full Board & activity included)

There are 3 reasons to stay at Sollia Guest House. 1) The Husky excursion Simply Sweden took part in was outstanding. 2) The food served at Gapahuken Restaurant is mouth watering. Royalty and global leaders have eaten here. 3) The very special location and the relationship between the Russians and the Norwegians in this area.

Day 6
Enjoy the day at Sollia Guest House. A 1hr30 husky or snowmobile excursion (you decide) plus lunch is included during your stay. Play with the husky puppies and then have a relaxing evening and a 3 course evening meal at Gapahuken Restaurant.

Day 7
Breakfast and mid - morning transfer to the airport or hurtigruten terminal.

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Hotel in Tromso (1 x breakfast)
Hurtigruten cruise to Berlevåg (1 x breakfast, 2 x evening meals). Unspecified outside / inside cabin on ship.
Transfer to Kongsfjord
Full board accommodation in Kongsfjord (2 x breakfast, 2 x lunch & 1 x evening meal)
Transfer to airport & flight to Kirkenes
Transfer to Sollia Guest House
Full board accommodation including snowmobile or husky activity (2 x breakfasts, 1 x wilderness lunch & 2 x evening meals)
Transfer to Kirkenes Airport

Holiday notes
For those of you who wish to spend an extra night on the Hurtigruten Coastal Steamer it is possible to travel between Kongsfjord and Kirkenes instead of flying.

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