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Northern Lights Information

Amazing, magical, wonderful, awe inspiring, out of this world, mesmerizing and enchanting are just some of the words to describe these colourful ribbons of light in the night sky.
Here at Simply Sweden we have been lucky enough to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) all over Northern Norway and across Swedish Lapland. We can talk to you about the Northern Lights from our own personal experiences and we want to share them with you.
The Northern Lights bring a certain magical touch to your holiday. The uncertainty they bring and the cosmic nature of intense colours, including reds, greens and yellows, dancing in ribbons across the night sky make them a major attraction for holidays to Scandinavia.
The Northern Lights are a natural phenomena and can never be guaranteed. There are many theories about the best place and best time of year to see them. One thing is certain. They are very much real and Lapland, Sweden & Norway are great places to see them. They are also fantastic locations to enjoy a winter holiday.


What is a Solar Maximum?
We are currently experiencing a solar maximum and 2015_16 is expected to be better (if that's possible!!) than 2014_15. The Northern Lights are affected by the energy, or solar flares, emitted by the sun. A solar cycle generally lasts about 11yrs. The energy and solar flares are currently at their expected peak.
The Northern Lights are caused by the tiny particles emitted from the sun during solar storms, passing through the earth's atmosphere. As they pass through the upper layers of the atmosphere they lose their energy by 'burning up' emitting the greens, yellows and reds that make up the Northern Lights.


Why book a Northern Lights Holiday with Simply Sweden?
We have been selling northern lights holidays since 2006. All our northern lights holidays are about giving you the best opportunities to see the northern lights. The locations we have chosen offer a very special experience in a unique environment. We are in the hands of mother nature regarding the northern lights and here at Simply Sweden we believe it is just as important that your holiday has other special features. We have carefully designed our Northern Lights holidays to bring you the best chances of seeing the Northern Lights in some truly magical locations with sensational experiences.


When is the best time to see the Northern Lights?
The Northern Lights can be in seen in Swedish Lapland & Northern Norway from September to March. Some of our northern lights holidays are available from September but most start in December as this is when Lapland has the best snow conditions.


Does light pollution affect the Northern Lights?
For the best viewing conditions the sky needs to be clear and you need to be away from artificial light such as street lighting. Although visible during all phases of the moon, the light from a full moon can dilute some of the effects. The period either side of a new moon is recognised as the best time to see the Northern Lights. 


The Northern Lights Corridor?
This is the area where you are most likely to see the Northern Lights. From a Norway and Sweden perspective this covers the whole of Northern Norway from the Lofoten Islands, to Tromso and onto Kirkenes by the Russian border. In Sweden this stretches from Björkliden / Abisko in the west to Luleå in the east. They can also been seen further south.


Who can go on a Northern Lights Holiday?
Anyone! We have a full range of Northern Lights holidays from the active (eg. Husky sleds) to the more sedate Northern Lights cruise.