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Northern Lights Holidays

Amazing, magical, wonderful, awe inspiring, out of this world, mesmerizing and enchanting are just some of the words to describe these colourful ribbons of light in the night sky.

The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) bring a certain magical touch to your holiday in Lapland & Sweden. The uncertainty they bring and the cosmic nature of intense colours, including blues, greens and yellows, dancing in ribbons across the night sky make them a major attraction for holidays to Lapland.

Our Northern Lights Holidays include overnight husky & snowmobile holidays, ICE HOTEL and Aurora Retreat.

Northern Lights - Facts

ICE HOTEL and Overnight Northern Light Tours
The ultimate winter experience. Stay at the world famous ICE HOTEL and seek out the Northern Lights
Treehotel - Lapland
Treehotel - Lapland Holidays
Best newcomer - Swedish Travel & Tourism awards October 2010. Treehotel has received a lot of media attention and it's not difficult to work out why!
The best place to see the Northern Lights?
Björkliden is high in the Swedish mountains & recognised as one of the best places on earth to see the Northern Lights.
Aurora Retreat Guest House
Aurora Retreat - Lapland
Named after the Northern Lights as an excellent location to see the Northern Lights with small scale, genuine winter activities exploring the wilderness.
Hot tubs & Northern Lights - Lapland!
Hot tubs in Lapland!
A short break in Swedish Lapland staying in hotel style log cabins followed by a night in a Wilderness Suite with some relaxing time in a hot tub!
Northern Lights excursions in Kiruna
d sami experiences.
Enjoy an evening or overnight stay in the Wilderness waiting for the Northern Lights by snowmobile or husky sled.

The Northern Lights are a natural phenomena and can never be guaranteed. There are many theories about the best place and best time of year to see them. One thing is certain. They are very much real and Lapland in Sweden is a great place to see them and a great place to enjoy a winter holiday.


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Northern Lights Holidays
Norway - Northern Lights
Our most northerly northern lights holiday
ICE HOTEL & Northern Lights
ICE HOTEL & wilderness log cabins
Husky tours & log cabins in LaplandTreehotel
High in the treetops, look to the skies!
Aurora Retreat
An old fashioned guest house deep in snow covered Lapland
Hot Tubs - Lapland
Relax in a hot tub and look to the skies for the Northern Lights
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