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Lofoten Islands - Norway

The Lofoten Islands are quite simply breathtaking. You will be surrounded by some of Norway's most impressive scenery in a dramatic marine and mountain environment.

The Lofoten Islands are a large group of islands located on a rocky peninsular inside the Arctic Circle. Dramatic mountain scenery in an outstanding marine environment. The Lofoten Islands are steeped in tradition and history. Fishing, Viking History and the sami culture all have an important part to play in everyday life on the Lofoten Islands.

You will see 'drying racks' where fish is still dried in the old fashioned manner, traditional fisherman's cabins (rorbeur) and small villages surrounding scenic harbours, protected by snowcapped mountains.

The Lofoten Islands - they have to be seen to be believed.

You will find stunning scenery around the Lofoten Islands at any time of year. Activities and excursions vary considerably throughout the year. Travel during the summer for long summer days and the midnight sun. Travel during the winter for snowy mountains and the Northern Lights (best seen October to March).

Lofoten Island Holidays

Lofoten & Fjords Cruise - Northern Lights
Wow! One of the most incredible locations on earth as you explore Harstad, the Vesterålen Islands, before reaching the Lofoten Islands.
Lofoten & the Northern Lights - Self Catering
Stunning scenery in one of the most magical areas of Norway. The Lofoten Islands are truly amazing and have to be seen to be believed.
Midnight Sun - Lofoten Islands (Self Catering)
Tucked inside the Arctic Circle the Lofoten Islands are a great location for seeing the Midnight Sun in June and July.
Norway Explorer - Summer
The only way to see the real Norway! Flying around Norway is something special. The only practical way to reach remote areas and is simply a 'bus service' to the locals.


Lofoten Islands - Holidays

Northern Lights & Cruise
The Vesterålen Islands & Lofoten Islands
Northern Lights - Self Catering
Stunning scenery in magical areas of Norway.
Midnight Sun - Self Catering
Perfect for the midnight sun Jun & Jul
Norway Explorer
The genuine side of Northern Norway


Göta Kanal
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