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ICEHOTEL information

On 10 November 2016 ICEHOTEL365 will open and ICEHOTEL will stand in the tiny village of Jukkasjärvi year round, even under the midnight sun during the summer months.

During November and December 2016, Winter ICEHOTEL will be constructed next to ICEHOTEL365 and will open on 10 December 2016. The planning process starts many months in advance and 2 ton blocks of ICE are sourced from the Torne River in March and April and stored in a large freezer until November when temperatures are low enough for the contstruction to begin. 

What clothing do I need?
It can be difficult to know what to bring on such a holiday. The following information offers some advice.

Dressing correctly in this environment is extremely important for you to be able to fully enjoy the magic of ICEHOTEL. During your stay at ICEHOTEL you will be provided with a hat, snowmobile suit, mittens & boots. You will need to provide your own thermal layers, themal underwear, woollen socks and fleeces. Please note this clothing is only provided at ICEHOTEL and may not be provided for other elements of your holiday. Please check with us if you are uncertain. Sunglasses are advisable from mid-February.
First layer
It should be designed to take moisture away from the body and be made of synthetic material or wool (not cotton). There are some excellent products on the market. Woolen socks provide great protection for the feet.
Middle layer(s)
A single layer or several thin layers. Each layer should fit over the next one without restricting movement. Fleeces, wool and other insulating material work well. If you get too warm you can always take a layer off.
Outer layer
Often provided during your holiday. This should be wind and water-proof. This will be the thickest layer. Jacket with hood, snow trousers and mittens / gloves, hat and scarf. During overnight tours you will be provided with hat, snowmobile suit, mittens and boots.

Checking in / out
ICE HOTEL (cold) is an art gallery and open to the public between 10am and 6pm daily. Guests will have access to their rooms outside these hours. You can check into your warm accommodation from 3pm and you must check out by 11am. Simply Sweden recommends you have an activity booked for the period between checking out of your cold / warm room and checking into your warm / cold room.

As ICE HOTEL (cold) is at a constant -5C you will not be able to take your personal belongings into ICE HOTEL as they will freeze! Secure areas, the bathroom and sauna in warm accommodation are located just next to ICE HOTEL with an adjoining door so there is no need to brave the external elements!

Take a camera as there are likely to be some excellent photo opportunities. Remember extra batteries and a tripod.
Money & Credit cards
Credit cards are widely accepted but a small amount of local currency may be useful.

Driving Snowmobiles
You must be in possession of a driving licence that is valid in Sweden or Norway. All full UK driving licences are valid. Do not drink and drive.

Please ensure you have obtained holiday insurance to cover ALL your activities and please have your European Health Insurance Card on you at all times.

Restaurants & Bars
ICEHOTEL restaurant
ICEHOTEL restaurant is where breakfast & lunch are served and during the evening turns in an award winning a la carte restaurant.

Hembygdsgården (The Old Homestead)
Located in a listed building, offering a rustic experience, just 800m from ICEHOTEL on the banks of the Torne River.  and is open during the peak period from 10 Dec 2016 to 25 Mar 2017.

ICEbar and Lounge
The original ICEbar is located inside ICEHOTEL365. There is a comfortable warm lounge bar where you can relax and enjoy snacks and drinks next to reception. 

Building of ICEHOTEL & ICEHOTEL365
On 1st December 2016 ICEHOTEL365 will open and ICEHOTEL will be available
365 days of the year, powered by the midnight sun during the long summer
days. ICEbar, ARTsuites and Deluxe Suites are available in ICEHOTEL365. During
the winter ICEHOTEL and ICEHOTEL365 will be virutally indistinguishable as they
stand side by side on the banks of the frozen Torne River.

The planning of ICEHOTEL starts many months in advance of the actual
construction project. Ice is sourced from the Torne River in March and April. It is
stored in a large freezer until November when temperatures are low enough for
the contstruction of ICE HOTEL to begin. Building starts in November and ICE
HOTEL opens in early December. Building work can progress through to January
depending on the conditions. This should not put you off visiting ICE HOTEL
over this period. This is an amazing time to visit and actually see work in
progress. This is not your usual building site! Videos, documentaries and TV
programs have been made about the construction of ICE HOTEL.

Key dates for 2016/17
These dates have changed recently:
1Dec ICEHOTEL365 opens
16Dec ICEHOTEL opens